Aspire, Achieve and Thrive


                  What we can offer:

Downland works with quality external provision to provide a rich and diverse range of educational opportunities for our students. Depending on the students’ needs, we engage with providers who can offer alternative learning packages to supplement the curriculum that the learners enjoy within school.

Delivered through the vehicle of Bristol Sport, the Dallaglio Foundation work with our students to provide the Rugby Works Group (Years 9,10 and 11).

In addition, we engage with other bespoke providers and provide opportunities to supplement individual’s needs on a case by case basis. Recently, these have included:

  • Equine therapy
  • Larkrise Community Farm 
  • Wiltshire College
  • Kandu Arts
  • Kip McGrath Centre


        Therapeutic Provision

In addition to music therapy, we also provide the services of our School Counsellor, trained in a range of therapeutic interventions that offer support, development and coping strategies to improve the lives of our students, both in and out of school. They work closely with our THRIVE counsellor to provide additional mental health support as well as helping to deliver our STOP Parental Support Programme. 



As an additional option in year 10, students can choose to study CoPE (Certificate of Personal Effectiveness), at either Level 1 or Level 2. The Certificate of Personal Effectiveness is a nationally recognised qualification outcome of the ASDAN programmes.

The qualifications offer imaginative ways of accrediting young people's activities. They promote, and allow students to record, a wide range of personal qualities, abilities and achievements, as well as being introduced to new activities and challenges.