Aspire, Achieve and Thrive

Student Voice

The aim of Student Voice is to provide the pupils with a platform to express their opinions about school life and contribute to school spirit and community welfare. It also helps pupils to share their ideas and concerns to the wider school community


Tutors encourage pupils to volunteer as candidates for an election to take place within the first weeks of September each year. Tutors encourage and help candidates to write a speech which includes:-

  • Reasons why they would make a good Student Voice Rep
  • What issues are important to them at school

After speeches, ballot papers are provided and voting takes place in tutor time. Tutors fill in a Returns form and deliver their results to Mrs Keily-Theobald. Winning candidates have their photograph taken and a copy attached to the tutor Student Voice notice board. Winning candidates also receive a certificate.

The elected representatives for 2019-20 are displayed in the school Reception area and meetings take place during lesson 1, every other Friday.


The Student Voice has had a number of recent successes, including:

  • Changing the school uniform
  • Regularly updating the lunch menu
  • Organising a fundraising triathlon event

Future Events

The Student Voice hopes to:

  • Provide pupils with access to pet therapy
  • Apply for funding to create a new bike track
  • Organise regular, new fundraising events



Student Voice Minutes - October 2021