Aspire, Achieve and Thrive


The happy, encouraging Downland School community is characterised by strong, positive relationships between students and staff. In an atmosphere of mutual respect, students are supported to develop self-esteem, individuality and confidence.

One of the fundamental driving forces behind this is the school’s Pastoral Support Team. Pastoral Support prioritise the personal and social wellbeing of our students. It can encompass a wide variety of issues including health, social and moral education, behaviour management and emotional support.

Part of Wiltshire’s Plan is to support children and young people’s emotional wellbeing and mental health. We therefore became part of a THRIVE Hub to enable us to further support the students.

The aim is to support young people’s resilience and support parent/carers, promoting mentally healthy schools.

We can achieve this by running specific, evidence-based supportive Parenting Programmes (known as STOP). Students also have regular access to Mental Health support through CAMHS, as well as our own in-house psychotherapist, Sarah Casson. 

Downland students have access to online counselling via KOOTH, and we also facilitate Peer Mentoring.

The aim is to strengthen early intervention and prevention, tackling problems as they arise.

We pride ourselves on the relationships that are built with both the students and their families. To support this, meetings are held regularly to ensure that good communication is maintained through the student’s time at Downland.

The personal development of each of our student is monitored and supported regularly by our Support team, made up of Mr Andrew Mauree (Support Manager) and we currently are waiting for a new member to join the team in September 2019. The team are highly experienced at working in collaboration with all staff to ensure we support our students in their emotional difficulties, as well as their triumphs, joys and victories.



The school takes any incidents of bullying very seriously and will not condone bullying under any circumstance. Bullying is always recorded, follow-up action taken, and we aim to deal with any reports swiftly and fairly. This may involve restorative work with the students and meetings involving parents. The aim is to resolve any issues, working together for a positive outcome. This will often be carried out by exploring feelings, as well as what has happened or has been said. Serious incidents of bullying are dealt with through the disciplinary procedure and, where necessary, further counselling is given.



The welfare of students holds high importance at Downland School, our Child Protection Policy is a key part in our planning to ensure students are protected and safe.

For additional useful information you might like to visit the website of Wiltshire Parent Carer Council.